June 2021

God’s Solution for Our Sin

Romans 6:23 is the crux of our faith system. We all need to realize that at our core, we are sinful human beings. We have a sin nature that we inherited. We all have sinned! We all fall short!

The End-Times Prophesies (2) – The Rapture

When the rapture happens, to those around us (the believers), it will be as if we disappeared in an instant. One moment we will be there going about our business, and the next we will be gone. The Church Age will have come to an end. (3) Only unbelievers will be left on the earth.

Prayer of Confession

Lord Jesus, I am a sinful person. I ask for your forgiveness of my sins. Help me change, for I want to change. I ask you to come into my life, as my Saviour and Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The End-Times Prophesies (1) – Dan 9:24-27

From my perspective, all of the end-times prophesies begin with the events recorded (prophesied) in the Book of Daniel. Specifically, Daniel 9:24-27. These four verses are the backbone to all the other prophetic proclamations. Without understanding this, the rest is confusing. (1)

End-Times Clarified

This is part of a series of blogs that deal with the End-Times, and help the readers of the Children of Light series, position the books with respect to Biblical prophecy. In addition, these blogs explain my position and understanding of the events that take place at the End-Times.

Seal of God and Mark of the Beast

You may be surprised to learn that there is more than one seal. Essentially, they break down to two categories: Present Day Seal of God and the Tribulation Seal of God, where we also find the mark of the beast. I know that may seem strange, but or me, that is what it boils down to.

Are we Children of Light or the World?

If we are honest with ourselves, at some point in our lives, we thought and hoped that we were special and would accomplish amazing things in our lives. However, for many of us, those ideas or dreams were dashed, if not shattered by the reality of life. Because we live in a fallen world.

A Pause in Heaven – When God Waited

John recorded that after Jesus broke the seventh seal, there was a period of about 30 minutes of total silence in heaven. Imagine that, no angels praising God, no angelic messengers going back and forth, absolutely nothing. Total silence.

A day of surprises and gratitude

So, I am filled with gratitude that God cares even about these little things. We often believe we can only go to God for the big stuff, but that is not the case. Invite God to be in the every day things of your life. Ask him for guidance, wisdom and strength to do all things. He will be there. I promise.