March 2022

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Wars and Rumors of Wars My Reflection It seems like all my life I’ve heard of wars, rumors of wars or preparation for war. Today, the news is filled with it! As I write this, daily, I watch the latest update on the war Putin (president of Russia) is waging against Ukraine. He denied it …

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Kaiden, the Knight with a Chink in his Armor

In sketching out his character, so many things leaped out at me, but he was too perfect. That has bothered me. He had to have a chink in this armor, a fault of some sort, because after all, he is human, and we all have faults.

God’s Purposes Accomplished

GOD’S PURPOSE ACCOMPLISHED God’s Purposes Once God’s purpose is accomplished, his plans complete, Christ will return to reign as King. But, much has to happen between now and then. We don’t know all of God’s plans nor his timing, but we know that both His plans and His timing are perfect. Before Christ Returns Before …

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