Sorrow and Joy
Sorrow and Joy; Book 5 of the Children of Light Series

Children of Light Series – Book 5

Sorrow and Joy

This is the fifth book of the Children of Light Series by Jana Smith.

In this last installment of the Children of Light series, we find Emma and Kaiden paired as a Light-Warrior team, and married. They have few illusions about the future. However, what hopes for a family and peaceful life they had are shattered by a series of letters left to Emma by her grandmother.

 Is there hope?

The only hope is to save as many people as they can, but how do you save a people who don’t see the truth or deny what is to come? You give them more time, but can they?

With a target on her back and the darkness encroaching, can Emma save those she loves? Can she prevent the destruction of an entire nation? Her struggle to accept her gifts is over, but can she overcome her belief in Granny’s warnings, and do that which God is calling her to do?

What if she was wrong?

Faced with one tragedy after another, one loss after another, causes her belief in God’s purpose for her to falter. What if she got it wrong? What if the warnings are to be heeded and all she did was disregard them?

Follow Emma and her group of Light Bearers in the final installment of the this End Times, speculative fiction. If you like Jamie Lee Gray books, then you will love the Children of Light series by author Jana Smith.

This book is available in both eBook and paperback format on Amazon.

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