Christian Prophecy

Jesus’ Prophecy – Not One Stone

Just before Christ’s famous Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24:3 – 25:46), Jesus is recorded as predicting that the temple that was built in Jerusalem would one day be torn down. To those in his presence, this may have been very difficult to believe, for by all recorded accounts it was the most impressive building in the world.

Prophesies Yet to be Fulfilled

Prophecy – prophesies-yet-to-be-fulfilled This information is taken directly from the Jeremiah Study Bible and his commentary in 2 Peter 1:20-21. Dr. Jeremiah begins by defining two purposes of prophecy, which I found most enlightening. Prophesy can foretell and forthtell. FORETELL – is to be predictive; it describes something that will happen in the future. FORTHTELL …

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Shadow of Future Events

Shadows of Future Events Happy New Year and Happy 2022! May you know God’s peace even in times of stress, loneliness, anger, and whatever else may come your way. May the God of Peace and Light, shine in your life, on your path, and in your heart. Casting of Shadows Some time ago, Dr. Jeremiah …

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